Gumbies Flip Flops Pink Pink Ditsy Model

Gumbii sunt flip -flops din materiale naturale și reciclate. Materiale ecologice. Flip -flops -urile sunt confortabile, oferă un pas stabil, foarte respirabil - deoarece stratul superior este confecționat din bumbac și nu din plastic ... căci piciorul va oferi întotdeauna cel mai bun. Drăguț model roz ditsy în roz și albastru închis pentru momente romantice.
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Gumbies are flip flops made from natural and recycled materials. Environmentally friendly materials. Flip-flops are comfortable, offer a stable stride, very breathable - as the top layer is made of cotton and not plastic… for the foot will always offer the best.Cute pink Ditsy pattern in pink and dark blue for romantic moments.

The sole is made of a mixture of natural rubber and jute, the grip on the ground is excellent. That we don’t expose the design at all.

Gumbies flip flops pink Ditsy pattern in pink and dark blue

  • top layer: recycled cotton / canvas (pleasant contact with the foot, very breathable material, classic look - the comfort your feet need!)
  • the strap between the toes is made of cotton (comfortable, cuts nothing and adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot)
  • sole: recycled rubber + jute (super grip on all types of surfaces)
  • middle sole: EVA (for comfortable, gentle step, cushions shocks)
  • cleaning is very easy - watch the video below

Walking in them is light, airy, the flip flops adapt to the shape of the foot and the terrain.

Gumbies flip flops are like no other!

Gumbies eco flip flop slippers

Recycled Cotton Gumbies

The cotton used in Gumbies is recycled. Because caring for the environment is important to us!
Did you know:

  • that by recycling one ton of cotton you can save up to 765 cubic meters of water
  • that by recycling old, used textiles we reduce the amount of waste
  • that recycling greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • that recycled cotton is even softer than plain cotton

Plant 1 mangrove tree in Africa

Did you know that by buying Gumbies slippers you are further contributing to a cleaner environment (not only are they made from recycled and natural materials)! By purchasing slippers on your behalf crew mangrove trees in Madagascar, Mozambique or Kenya. Mangrove forests are essential coastal ecosystems. They store four times more carbon than tropical rain forests, making them an important tool for climate change mitigation.

You also contribute to a better life for the locals. The project provides locals with a key income so they can take care of their families. Trees are planted by Eden Reforestation Projects.

Just two of their cute and so real slogans:

  • Let your journey begin now!
  • Life is too short to complicate it. Don't complicate! Keep it simple. Ride a wave, climb a mountain, wear Gumbies!

How to clean Gumbies slippers?

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