Ulla memento sa bei apa

Ulla este un mic memento inteligent sa bei apa. Un gadget excelent si foarte simplu care previne deshidratarea. Astfel te vei simti mai bine, vei fi mai eficient... Se potriveste tuturor paharelor, sticlelor, conservelor, ulcioarelor. In acelasi timp, Ulla se mandreste cu un design grozav si este, de asemenea, un accesoriu dragut.
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Ulla is a small a smart reminder to drink water. An excellent and very simple "gadget" that prevents dehydration. This way you will feel better, you will be more efficient.

Fits all glasses, bottles, cans, jugs. At the same time, Ulla boasts a great design and is also a nice accessory.


Drink 3 times more water, be healthier, have more energy and avoid headaches with Ulla- your personal hydration coach

  • Remind you to hydrate if you forget
  • Blinks before dehydration occurs
  • Follows you when you drink
  • Fits any water bottle
  • Fully automated
And we mentioned – it is the fruit of our Slovenian development and also made in Slovenia!

How Ulla works, a reminder to drink water

  1. Attach Ulla to the bottle or glass with the supplied silicone tape.
  2. By flashing, it warns you that you need to drink water (you can also detect it with peripheral vision).
  3. After you take a few sips, the sensor detects that you have been drinking and reminds you again in 30 minutes.
  4. With the help of vibration sensors, Ulla knows when you are nearby, when you are not, it turns off. With the help of a light sensor, it detects when it is completely dark and stops. The quick-change battery lasts up to 6 months.

Dehydration? What problems does dehydration cause you? When you're thirsty, it's too late!

  • For 1% dehydration (% lack of water in relation to your body weight), according to the results of studies, your productivity drops by 12%.
  • It is a common cause of headaches and migraines.
  • Get sick several times.
  • You have difficulty concentrating, your mental and physical abilities drop.
  • Feel tired and irritable.
  • You age faster.

Ulla smart reminder for drinking water fits any glass or bottle

Who does Ulla particularly benefit from?

  • ​To all of you who work in offices, especially those behind a computer.
  • Physical workers, because physical activity consumes a lot of water.
  • For athletes, it is highly recommended to drink water during exercise.
  • To chauffeurs when you drive long distances.
  • The elderly, because they often forget to drink.
  • Students, students and pupils who need maximum concentration and mental abilities when learning.
  • To the housewives who drink too little because of the abundance of work.
  • For those who are losing weight, because drinking water is one of the important factors in the success of your weight loss treatment.
  • For people with frequent headaches and inflammation of the urinary tract.
Ulla is an ideal gift, as it fits on any of your bottles or glasses.. The Ulle packaging is aesthetically designed and suitable for shipping.

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  1. Should be in your home
    This cute little gadget has helped my hydration immensely. It flashes 12 times a day to remind me to hydrate, and I estimate my hydration has tripled since I bought it. Fits all size of drinking containers.

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